1500 Year Old Bible Questions Jesus’s Crucifiction.

Posted: May 4, 2014 in The Trustworthiness of the Bible

So finally, after what’s been nearly a year, I have decided that it’s time to actually begin writing on my blog. And what better a place – or topic – to begin with than this: There’s an article surfacing around the internet which brings to light another so-called “Bible.” This is the article (below) and following are my observations and reactions.

1500 Year Old Bible Claims Jesus Was Not Crucified – Vatican In Awe




Ok, so this is impressive. It’s not every day that we get to see an ancient writing; its old, “loosely-tied leather’ and lettering of gold in Jesus’ Aramaic language! But before we begin to stammer around in “Awe” (as the Vatican has supposedly begun to do) there are some things mentioned in the article that we need to think very critically about: 1.) This probably is authentic, but it doesn’t make the contents true, necessarily. Many fiction books are written, for example, but we know they aren’t true. If Jesus wasn’t crucified, then why did the Jewish Pharisee’s tell the guards (of Jesus’s tomb) to lie and say that His disciples had stolen His body during the night? And, why would the Roman guards be in fear for their lives if, in fact, the body was that of Judas and not of Jesus – the one with whom the Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s were so intent on having executed? 2.) “Jesus ascended to Heaven alive” Two points on this statement: a) if He ascended to Heaven, then there IS a heaven, and we should to find the truth of how to go there. b) Jesus’ resurrection was BODILY, not spiritually, so of course He was “alive” when He ascended to heaven, otherwise we wouldn’t be saying that He was resurrected – we would be saying that a dead guy was walking around like a puppet. Also, His resurrection is the only thing that can account for the disciples’ 180 in behavior (they were in hiding because they feared for their lives. But when Jesus appeared to them alive, they became bold and were fearlessly proclaiming the Gospel, even to the point of their own deaths. 3.) It makes no logical sense for Paul to have been an imposter. Paul was well known in his day because he was a member of the Jewish Sanhedrin. He was well known as a persecutor of Christians, and something has to explain his sudden change of heart – going from hatred towards Christians – hunting them down and imprisoning them, to becoming one of them. 4.) The phrase often used by Muslims “Jesus was a good prophet” is self-defeating. Here’s why: If Jesus was only a prophet, then He could not be a ‘good’ prophet, because He was also a liar and a blasphemer for claiming to be God. I don’t know of any liar that I would call ‘good.’ Besides the lying, He would have been a blasphemer for accepting worship, something only God deserves. 5.) It’s true that the Council of Nicea hand-picked the books of the New Testament, but they did so with knowledge, not blindly or with concern for what they “liked.” These books were chosen with historical accuracy and tradition being held to. 6.) There is one copy of this “bible” from the article. The Christian Bible has well over 2500 (and by COPY, it’s important to understand that we’re not talking about simply Xeroxing.) 7) Finally, I will agree without pause that the writer of this article is absolutely right; we should never begin to make-fun of each other for believing something different, and we absolutely should NEVER believe ANYTHING that is based on blind faith alone. We SHOULD research these things and find the best answers to our toughest questions. Otherwise, we may be falling for a lie! God Bless!


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